Choosing a RELIABLE and FAST WordPress Hosting for your online business doesn’t need to be expensive and break the bank, and I’ll prove that to you in this Wpx hosting review.

I’ll also reveal to you what I’ve chosen to use on my WordPress Blogs, including this site, Trafficsalad.

In a recent Market share analysis, WordPress has a 61.6% market share when it comes as the most popular CMS choice worldwide, which is why the Shared WordPress Hosting Industry and demand for it has also grown exponentially.

Unfortunately, that has also led to a lot of confusion for beginner WordPress users, who are often frustrated on what to choose. So I wrote this article because I wanted to share that journey with you and how I finally found my perfect solution (that won’t break the bank).

In this WPX Hosting review article, I’ll share what I’ve found (and what others found as well) to be one, if not the fastest, WordPress hosting solution provider today that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my in-depth tutorial and review for Hosting your WordPress websites in WPX Hosting (formerly Traffic Planet – more on this later). 

My Personal Story…

Here’s How I Stumbled On WPX Hosting

My first site was hosted on GoDaddy because they offered a $0.99 domain name. Then they upsold me to WordPress Hosting package for a year. It is one of the most common traps on shared hostings. They’ll bait you on a low or free offer; then, you’ll be recommended to upgrade to something that you might not need yet.

After months of frustrations with speed, upsells, and upgrades, I decided to look for another hosting provider.

I went with Bluehost and was never happy with it. My site was getting 10,000 – 25,000 visits per month (a niche site on the health niche), so the “shared hosting plan” never had enough power and bandwidth for it.

Another big mistake. Bluehost is heavily promoted by a lot of marketers because of its high affiliate commissions.

Then I switched to Siteground’s Grow plan or the highest tier in the “Shared packages.”

And when the highest tiered shared hosting plan of Siteground didn’t work, Siteground wanted me to upgrade.

For many years, I’ve been stuck with few options when it comes to WordPress hosting providers.

I do have significant traffic for my niche sites, so a standard $5-10/month shared hosting solution won’t be sufficient. 

The hosting providers in the $10 – $25 range are usually not sufficient and still limited with what I can do. I’ve tried Siteground’s VPS and Cloudways, but I still wasn’t satisfied with it. 

There were many times that my WordPress database would hang, and I needed to wait for a few minutes in order to continue editing my work.

But I still didn’t want to pay upwards between $50-$200/month for a dedicated server or a managed solution.

I’m a reader of Matthew Woodward’s blog, and that’s when I read his post about the fastest WordPress hosting solutions. This is where I’ve found WPX Hosting to be a viable solution.

I grabbed the five-domain plan, migrated all my top niche sites, and started using it. I’ve moved to WPX Hosting since then and have used it for more than two years. 

I’m sharing my experience with WPX Hosting and I hope that you’ll also find a solution that works best for your need. If you need to get started immediately, 

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How WPX Hosting Helped Me…

Finally, I was able to solve my hosting issues.

I’ve been more confident in launching sites in WordPress since I transitioned to WPX Hosting. 

I have a PINGDOM notification that notifies me when my websites are down. Downtime for an online business means that no one can visit your website, and that’s money flushed down the drain.

Installation of a NEW WordPress website is also a breeze inside the WPX dashboard.

It doesn’t contain tons of settings inside CPANEL or other options like being able to install JOOMLA, MAGENTO, etc. So if you need any of those platforms and software, WPX is not for you. WPX Hosting is only for WordPress websites.

And last but not the least, whenever I need to find information or to have some scripts added to my server like upgrades to PHP or installation of ION scripts, it’s just one chat away. 

The response time of their customer support is super fast. They’ve resolved 100% of the issues that I throw at them. And they solved it fast!

What I Loved About WPX Hosting

The features that ROCK!

I’m a very happy and satisfied customer. This site TRAFFICSALAD is entirely hosted in WPX Hosting after trying Bluehost, Siteground, and Cloudways.

WPX Hosting has been the best solution for me and provides me with the best bang for my buck. And I’ve shared three reasons why.

Faster WordPress Website

I’ve immediately noticed that editing my content and WordPress posts are much faster. I also noticed that because of WPX Cloud’s FREE CDN, my page speed time is much faster, which means that more people who are visiting my website are experiencing faster load times.

That means that fewer people bounce off my website, and more people have the opportunity to purchase the products and services that I offer.

Cloud Access Included and Done For You

As I’ve mentioned before, SPEED is highly important, especially if you want higher conversions. Even for SEO, Speed is now a ranking factor for search engines. 

And with the FREE CDN feature of WPX Hosting, you’ll save a lot of money while having the same benefit of purchasing your own CDN service, which is another monthly cost.

Best Bang For Your Buck

The price for a five website plan for WPX hosting is only $24.99/month or $20.99 annually. That’s a HUGE savings and difference where the usual competitor with a similar bandwidth for this type of hosting starts at $30/month for one website.

This is definitely the WordPress hosting provider that provides the best bang for your buck as it provides faster hosting service, FREE cloud service, and Worldclass customer support for any hosting issues you might encounter.

What I Didn’t Like About WPX Hosting

These things could do better.

There is no product that is 100% perfect. Any software, product, or service could improve and do better, especially when different people have different needs. In an ideal world, here’s what I think WPX Hosting could do better.

Managed WordPress Solutions

Services like WP Engine have a more hands-on approach to managing your website. There’s a dedicated or support person that will help you get started. 

In WPX Hosting, you’ll have to do everything on your own. When you get stuck, customer support will be glad to assist you, but they won’t install, configure, and setup any of your website.

No Information On What To Do Next

So you’ve setup your first website in WPX Hosting. What’s next? How do you start blogging and build an online business?

What do you need? Do you need a sales funnel? Do you need Woocommerce? Unfortunately, that is out of the scope when you buy WPX Hosting. 

It does what you need to setup your WordPress blog, but that’s it. You’re on your own. Or is it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Your most common questions answered.

I’ve gathered the most common questions and looked for the answers about WPX Hosting. If I’ve missed some, let me know, and I’ll add them here. 

What is WPX Hosting?

Formerly Traffic Planet Hosting, WPX Hosting is the brainchild of SEO whiz Terry Kyle. I have been following him for quite some time and I’ve regretted why I didn’t try WPX Hosting a lot sooner. WPX Hosting is a WordPress ONLY website hosting provider and solution with a FREE CLOUD CDN included.

How much is WPX Hosting?

The pricing for WPX Hosting is pretty straightforward and simple. There’s a monthly option as well as an ANNUAL option. I strongly recommend that you go with the ANNUAL plan as you’ll be saving a lot. 

Is WPX Hosting Worth It?

If you’re looking for a good and fast WordPress hosting provider with a FREE Cloud CDN service for less than $25/month, WPX Hosting is your answer. It can’t get any better than that.

Is WPX Hosting a Managed Server?

As I’ve shown in this review, it’s a DIY WordPress hosting provider. This is one of the “wishes” I have in this review, not for myself or other DIYers but for people who want to have a better WordPress hosting service without having to deal with setting it up on their own or hiring someone to do it.

It’s NOT a Managed WordPress Hosting service provider (though that might change someday, who knows).

How To Clone and Migrate To WPX Hosting

Moving, Migrating, or Cloning Your old website into WPX Hosting can be done in several ways. My favorite method is this.

I backup my old WordPress website using a plugin from ServMask – All in One Unlimited WP Migration. Once I’ve created a backup, I download this backup to my computer. I save a copy on the cloud (Dropbox or Pcloud). 

Next, I install a brand new WordPress installation on WPX Hosting. I follow the instructions and steps to install a FRESH install into my hosting.

Make sure that your domains are also pointed to WPX Hosting nameservers or if you’re using Cloudflare DNS nameservers, configure the A Records and CNAMES to point to the WPX Hosting values.

Once DNS and Nameservers are ready, I’ll log into the new installation of WordPress into my domain.

I’ll install the ALL IN ONE WP MIGRATION Plugin on the new WordPress website and follow the steps in importing the backup copy I just created.

After a few minutes, I’ll have an entire clone of my website, including the databases and even the login passwords before.

Congratulations, you’ve now migrated your old site to your NEW WPX Hosting service!

Alternatives and Comparison

What are the other options out there

WPX Hosting VS Kinsta

Kinsta is another service that is comparable to what WPX Hosting provides. But the biggest difference is in pricing. Kinsta starts at $30/month for one website, while WPX hosting starts at $24.99 for up to 5 websites.

WPX Hosting VS Siteground VS Bluehost

Although people are searching for this information, I’ll save you time, frustration, and money. WPX Hosting is not the same with Siteground and Bluehost. 

Usually WPX hosting will cost less than Siteground and Bluehost if you want to match the same performance and features WPX provides.

WPX Hosting also doesn’t have ANY UPSELLS (that I know of), so you won’t be bombarded with promotion after promotion telling you to upgrade to the next service and the next…

WPX Hosting VS WP Engine

WP Engine has one big advantage over WPX hosting, its managed hosting service. If you want dedicated customer support to help you manage the uptime of your WordPress website, then go with WP Engine. I’ve tried something similar called Media Temple before.

If you have some technical acumen and skill to install WordPress, then it’s not worth the $95/month for five websites. In terms of speed, I haven’t tried and compared WP Engine with WPX Hosting, so that’s another article for another day.

My Exclusive Bonuses

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