In this SiteGround hosting review, I’ll cover their main features, pricing, uptime, response time & speed, along with pros and cons, and we’ll find out the answers one by one, so you can decide whether SiteGround hosting is better for you or not.

SiteGround hosting is considered one of the top web hosting providers for bloggers and affiliate marketers worldwide, and they hosted millions of websites to date. WordPress has officially recommended them on their site.

If you are seeking to get a web hosting provider that gives you –

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Easy to use

…then SiteGround is the right hosting for you.

In this way, you can start your WordPress Blog on SiteGround, which starts only at $6.99/month.

We’ll also share with you a few discounts on SiteGround Hosting Plans so you can save maximum while signing up.

SiteGround Hosting Reviews 2022: Is it Really the Fastest Web Hosting Provider?

Who Made SiteGround Hosting?

SiteGround hosting is an independent web hosting company founded in by Ivo Tzenov, and its headquarter is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, with eight data centers on four continents.

They have data centers in –

  • Alexandria, VA (USA)
  • Council Bluffs, Iowa (USA)
  • London, UK
  • Netherland
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Frankfurt
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Singapore

Since 2004, the company has hosted millions of websites with 500,000 domains worldwide.

Why SiteGround Hosting is Best and Why You Should Choose?

SiteGround has tons of great features, making them unique from other web hosting. And that is why SiteGround is recommended by the official Website of on their homepage.

Officially Recommended by on their Homepage

Why you should choose SiteGround over other top hosting providers – Let’s find out.

Website Speed and Loading Time

Website Speed is one of the most common or, I would say, many important features that should be looked at by every blogger or internet marketer before buying any web hosting or service.

And here it comes.

SiteGround is known for its speed, it means a slow website irritates visitors, and also Google doesn’t love slow-loading websites.

In research, an average of 47% of visitors expect a site load within 2 seconds, and if it takes more than 2 seconds to open the site for them, then there are high chances of around 40% of those visitors leave your Website and might be they never come back.

It is strange, and you might lose your leads and sales, and we would NOT like this to bring such a problem only because of the speed that we can improve it by choosing the right hosting like SiteGround.

We found some stats from trusted sites, and they said – SiteGround average load time is 356 milliseconds which is even faster than many other competing hosting services like Bluehost or A2 Hosting, which is pretty amazing. Right?

Overall, SiteGround is ultra-fast.

SiteGround Hosting Uptime 99.99%

The uptime of any site in the online world matters the most if any of your visitors come to the site, and if it’s not up (which means the server is not available), you might lose traffic and sales. It creates a bad impact on Google and as well as visitors.

If we are using Cheap Hosting, there may be a problem with uptime, but if we choose premium hosting like SiteGround, then you don’t need to think too much about uptime.

There are very few web hosting providers available who guarantee that their site will be 100%, and SiteGround is one among them.

When I went to their Terms and Conditions page, I was surprised, and it was nice to see that – they guarantee network uptime of 99.9% on an annual base.

If they fall below the guaranteed network uptime, they will compensate us as follows:

  • 99.9% – 99.00% uptime: 1 month free hosting
  • An additional month of free hosting for every 1% of uptime lost below 99.00%

Terms of SiteGround hosting

After hearing this, SiteGround surprised me, and I hope now you’re too.

And if those people are speaking this themselves, then imagine how their quality services will be. Well, that’s what makes them unique, and we should trust them.

We have also collected data from a trusted site like Hank, and they found their real uptime, and it seems like it meets their promises.

Free SSL Certificate

Having an HTTPS over HTTP is a must nowadays. It is because it helps visitors to trust on your site, and Google loves trusted sites only.

So having an SSL Certificate (HTTPS version) is a must for every site owner.

SiteGround offers free SSL certificate; you can take advantage of them usually because many other web hosting providers don’t offer a free SSL certificate.

You’ll be happy to know that it is available on all Shared Hosting plans of SiteGround.

Free Daily Backups

If you are new, you might be tweaking your site daily, but what if you lost some of your site’s important files, which could hurt you and your site. This can happen frequently. Then what would you do at that time? Worry? No.

That’s why you need a site backup, but how do you do that?

Like other web hosts in the market charge you up to $30 to restore your file, but if you go with SiteGround, they offer automatic backup of your site on a daily basis for free.

If something wrong happens, you will get all the data back in just a few minutes by having a backup facility.

Free Site Migration

Like other web hosts in the industry, Bluehost charges you $50 per site for site migration, so if you are thinking of switching to SiteGround from existing web hosting, SiteGround will do this for FREE of cost.

If you are inexperienced or don’t have any decent knowledge of site migration, then I never recommend to do it yourself. Site Migration is complicated and needs basic knowledge to do so.

You just need to tell them that you want to move your site from your existing web hosting; after that, they take care of this themselves. They usually take 5 hours to migrate the site to their server.

This offer is available on all hosting plans.

SiteGround 24/7 Amazingly Fast Support

SiteGround customer service is available 24/7 hours, and their live support is the fastest among other web hosts.

Whenever you get caught in a technical thing or something else, you can contact them, they respond very quickly and will stay with you till they solve your problem.

They also have a Knowledgebase blog, tutorials, and submit ticket method. It’s always a nice idea to start with Knowledge Base and tutorials to solve your query. I always try to start with knowledgebase articles, which helps me gain some other technical knowledge.

If there is a minor problem that you can fix on your own, then you can use their knowledge base and tutorials where there are thousands of articles.

It is a wrong thing to harass someone on a small matter. Jokes apart 😊

In case you are facing a major problem, you can also drop tickets by sending an email.

SiteGround Security

Do you know how important the security of your Website is? You know this.

WordPress is a platform where hackers target most because you use 3rd party themes and outdated plugins (if free). Due to this hackers are easy easily hack this type of site who are not paying attention to their security, and it destroys your hard work.

But you are wondering if your site will be safe on their server? So from today onwards, you should stop thinking because SiteGround itself protects your site And their security team monitors spammers, hackers, or more every moment.

Many security companies offer to protect your site (usually, they charge $70/mo), but you get this facility from SiteGround for free.

Every year they add hundreds of rules to their Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect WordPress, Joomla, and Magento, and they have a very strong record in the past.

Regarding security measures, SiteGround is ahead of many web hosting because they have powerful security features. And there is a special security team that helps protect your site 24/7.

SiteGround Staging Feature

If you want to test something new on your site that is not confirmed whether this thing will work or not, then you will need a staging area for this.

In a way, it gives copy by copying your site where you can do a live test and if all goes well, And if you want to push on your site, then you can do it in one click.

And as soon as you push through it, the backup of your site will be done automatically, which maybe you can reverse later.

It is only for WordPress users, and this feature is available in GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

SiteGround Git Feature

The Git feature is pre-installed on GoGeek Plan only; with the help of this feature, you can create the repositories of your Website, and later on, you have access to edit it or download it by using the Git feature.

SiteGround also allows their users to create multiple repositories on other applications like Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and Prestashop by having a visual interface.

Apart from these key benefits of SiteGround specified above, they have a few more like:

  • Free CMS Install
  • Free Email Accounts
  • WP-CLI Pre-installed 
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Custom PHP Versions
  • More Technologies Supported
  • FTP Accounts
  • SiteGround Super Cacher Technology

Check out for more key features offered by SiteGround.

30 Days No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

You can always try out their service with a free mind; it is because if any company has a money-back guarantee refund policy, we can always get our hands dirty once. And if we do not like their service, they will return our money within 30 days after signing up.

Their money-back guarantee is available on all Shared hosting plans.

Here’s how you can cancel your account.

First, you need to login to your SiteGround account > Billing > Cancel Services, you can see this option on the right side of your dashboard and click on proceed for cancellation and you are done.

You will receive an email for cancellation request successfully approved from SiteGround and your money will be credited in your account within 5 business days.

Things to keep in mind before you request for cancellation:

  • It should be within 30 days of your purchase
  • Available only for new purchases and NOT for renewals
  • Domain Name and other stuff are non-refundable; ONLY hosting is refundable

SiteGround offer FREE Hosting Trial

We love free stuff and If compared to other hosting, no web hosting offers a free trial, but there is something else in the case of SiteGround.

They offer a one-month free trial to use their service, so if you want to try their service without spending any money, you can use them right now. It’s FREE.

Free Hosting Trial by SiteGround

Steps to Follow to Grab One-Month FREE Hosting
  • Step 1: Create an account on SiteGround which is absolutely free.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and click on the free hosting trial
  • Step 3: Select the plan – Startup, GrowBig, GoGeek
  • Step 4: Choose the data centre and click on Order Now
  • Step 5: You need to enter the domain name ( you can also use a temporary domain name ) and that’s it.

Now, enjoy your free SiteGround hosting for one month.

What are the Pros and Cons of SiteGround Hosting

Every web hosting has its good and bad but we should pay attention on positive things and resources and so SiteGround has –

Pros of SiteGround hosting –

  • You can host an unlimited number of sites
  • You can get SSL certificates for free
  • You can transfer your site for FREE
  • You can get free CDN and business email account
  • Daily Automatic Backs is useful if you might delete your important files
  • 7.4 PHP Version
  • Free eCommerce shopping cart
  • 24/7 Amazing Fast Chat support
  • Spam Protection
  • Unique Account Isolation 
  • The Fastest Server Monitoring 
  • Anti-Hack Systems

Cons of SiteGround –

  • Recently they increased their price
  • High Renewal Rates
  • Every Plan has a limited number of monthly visits
  • No Free Domain

SiteGround Hosting is Powered by the Google Cloud Platform

Recently SiteGround launched one of the most powerful features now they’re going to use Google Cloud Platform which will give more power, and more speed to the sites and this is going to be a game-changer.

It is definitely gonna help in three ways:

  • SSD persistent storage
  • Ultra-fast network
  • 100% renewable energy match

By introducing these powerful features, SiteGround has shown why they have been rated as World’s #1 Web Hosting Service Provider.

SiteGround is Powered by Google Cloud

Latest Integration Offers by SiteGround

SiteGround introduced some latest technology to their system to make SiteGround WordPress Hosting more powerful.

1) NGINX Direct Delivery:

This technology will allow removing the static content (images, files, CSS) from the server and it will be load directly from the SSD, it saves more RAM space for static content caching and improves browser caching of your site.

2) QUIC Protocol:

This technology will help to increase site loading speed when you have poor internet connectivity.

3) New Version of SG Optimizer Plugin:

They improved their SG Optimizer plugin, making it much faster than the previous one. The speed test of the new version shows an additional 20-30% performance improvement.

SiteGround Hosting Plans and Pricing

SiteGround knows their customer’s need very well and so they offer a wide range of hosting like –

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Woocommerce hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Enterprise hosting
  • Reseller hosting

Which Hosting Should I Choose?

As a beginner, it’s best to go with the SHARED HOSTING plan. It is an affordable and easy-to-use hosting especially for newbies.

SiteGround offers Shared Hosting in three different plans –

  • StartUp Plan: From $6.99/mo
  • GrowBig Plan: From $9.99/mo
  • GoGeek Plan: From $14.99/mo

Note: Mastery Blogging readers are eligible for up to 70% DISCOUNT on all Shared Hosting Plans.

StartUp Plan (67% OFF)

In this plan, you can host only a single site which costs you only $6.99/month. This plan is best for a personal blog and has limited resources.

Here’s what you’ll get in this plan –

  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free CDN
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support

* GrowBig Plan (70% OFF)

In this plan, you can host an unlimited number of sites and it is the best plan for beginners where you’ll get many resources including a speed-boosting caching feature and more. This plan starts at $9.99 per month, quite expensive but worth it.

Here’s what you’ll get including:

  • 20 GB SSD Storage
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free CDN
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support

GoGeek Plan (66% OFF)

In this plan, you can host an unlimited number of websites, and it comes with more resources as compared to the above two plans.

This plan starts at $14.99 per month, NOT recommended until and unless you need ultra-fast PHP and git feature.

Here’s what you’ll get including:

  • 40 GB SSD Storage
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free CDN
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support

Note: The higher the plan you choose, the higher the resources you will get, so it is up to you according to your basic requirements.

I recommend you go for a 3-year billing cycle to save maximum for the longer-term cost, as they charge high renewal rates on all hosting plans. Therefore the SiteGround renewal discount is not available.

What are you still waiting for? Get started with SiteGround today and save 70% from your wallet by using our referral link.

Quick Facts About Shared Hosting

  • Domain: Starts from $15.95 per year ( You can easily get a .com extension under $9 on Namecheap)
  • SignUp Process: Its two-step sign-up process
  • Payment Method: Credit Card or Paypal (Use Live Chat Support if you don’t have these two)
  • Renewal Charge: Starts from $14.99 per month
  • Dashboard: You can easily control your site from Site Tools
  • Email: You can create an unlimited email account
  • Activate Account: Quick Activation

Other Web Hosting Plans Offered by SiteGround Hosting

Here’s the pricing you can see on their official site:

  • Woocommerce Hosting: From $6.99/mo – $14.99/mo
  • Managed Cloud Hosting: From $80/mo – $240/mo
  • Reseller Hosting: From $9.99/mo – $80/mo
  • Enterprise Hosting: Custom

So these hosting are the most expensive web hosting offer by SiteGround.

If you already have a big brand site like an e-commerce store, agency and getting millions of traffic per day then shared hosting can’t handle your site anymore.

If that’s the case you will need this type of hosting to run your business smoothly.

SiteGround vs The Competition

You might be thinking, there are other popular hosting providers out there, so why should I go for SiteGround?

Well, competition is growing very fast between the hosting providers so just take a look at the table given below where I have compared SiteGround to other two popular shared hosting providers – Bluehost and Godaddy.

Features SiteGround GoDaddy BlueHost

Number of sites Unlimited (GrowBig and GoGeek Plan) Unlimited on Deluxe and Ultimate Plan Unlimited except Basic Plan

Daily Backups ✔ $2.99/month – $12.99/month ✔

Free Staging Area ✔ (GrowBig and GoGeek Plan) X X

Money-Back Guarantee ✔ ✔ ✔

Load Time 1.68 seconds 9.23 seconds 6.75 seconds

Uptime 99.99% 99.97% 99.99%

Monthly Price Starts from $6.99 From $5.49 From $2.95/month

Ratings from TrustPilot 4.8 4.1 1.6

Official Site Learn More Learn More Learn More

We can say it is a little expensive, but it can be worth it as they are now powered with Google cloud platform that can make your site ultra fast as well as they are using PHP Version 7.4 which no other web hosting one is providing.

SiteGround has still an advantage over the other two web hosting provider.


SiteGround Reviews from Trusted Rating Sites


I have browsed some popular review rating sites like TrustPilot and HostAdvice gives 4.8 ratings out of 5 and 9.7 out of 10 to SiteGround WordPress Hosting respectively.


These excellent reviews from users are enough to explain how satisfied they are with the quality and services provided by SiteGround web host.

We have also collected some data from Facebook where the admins created a poll and asked the group members – Which hosting do you recommend and here are the results:

As you can see, how popular SiteGround is and people are liking it a lot.

Is Your Money Worth it?

From my own experience and well-researched information from their official site and other trusted resources, I have written this review honestly and tried to tell you the accurate information about SiteGround Web Hosting.

I have some small sites hosted on the SiteGround and so far I have not found anything that can speak negatively about them.

I respect their team who are working hard to keep my site live on the web and if you’re planning to use their hosting, check them out. I am fully satisfied with them, your money will be worth it for sure if you try it once.

How to Start a WordPress Blog on SiteGround Hosting with 70% Coupon Code Included

If you have made your mind to purchase SiteGround then here’s a simple step-by-step tutorial for you –

As a beginner, you need SHARED HOSTING to start with but don’t forget, you can start small and upgrade later.

Step #1: Click Here to sign up for SiteGround ( you will aslo get up to 70% instant DISCOUNT ).

Step #2: Select the plans according to your requirements, I recommend you GrowBig Plan where you can host unlimited numbers of websites.

Step #3: Enter your existing domain name, if you don’t have then register a new domain with SiteGround. (I personally buy a domain name from Namecheap due to its low renewal rate than SiteGround and GoDaddy).

Step #4: On the next page, fill in all the details and enter your card details to proceed with the payment.

Which Data Center should I choose?

  • USA – Select if you want more visitors from the west
  • Singapore – Select if you want more users from Asia
  • Netherlands – Select if you want more visitors from Europe

Step #5: Once the payment is successful, you’ll receive a payment receipt along with login details of your cPanel in your email shortly.

Congrats!!! You bought one of the best web hostings.

Further Reading: How to install WordPress on SiteGround by using Softaculous?

SiteGround Offers Student Web Hosting

Do you know this – SiteGround also has a plan for Students and educators, so if you are a student or educator, you got good news a few seconds ago.

Student Web Hosting

What do you mean by Student Web Hosting?

Premium web hosting like SiteGround offers their service to students with a valid email id from a recognized university. You can get a special price which is just $1.99/mo. In addition, you will get this special price for 1st year, and all the features present in the regular hosting plan as well as great support.

Here’s the things you keep in mind if you are applying for Student Web Hosting:

  • Valid Email Id from the University
  • SiteGround verifies your identity; Once this process is verified, you can sign up for Student Web Hosting.

Key Features you will get in this plan including:

  • 10 GB Storage
  • Amazing Speed FREE CDN
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • FTP, SSH & Git
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL DBs
  • Multiple PHP Versions
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Site Tools With App manager

How to get Started with Student Web Hosting?

  • Click here to sign up for Student Web Hosting (You can see in the footer section).
  • Select Student Plans and click on Get Now.
  • Fill all the details below and proceed for the payment.

That’s it! You can can access to the dashboard within a few minutes after your payment is successful.

Frequently Asked Question on SiteGround Hosting Review

Here are a few questions which beginners asked, you must check it out:

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround is an independent fast and secure web hosting provider founded by Ivo Tzenov in 2004. They offer a wide range of hostings like Shared, VPS, Reseller, Cloud. SiteGround has an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 from Trustpilot.

Where is SiteGround Located?

SiteGround was a Bulgarian based company and its headquartered is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

How to change nameserver in SiteGround?

After successfully buying SiteGround, login to their account. Click on My account > Information and settings, you can find “Account DNS”. Open this and change the nameserver.

Does SiteGround offer domain name for FREE?

Recently they are now NO longer to offer FREE domain name as they are now charging $15.95 for a one-year domain name which is slightly higher than other domain registrars like Godaddy and Namecheap. However, you can easily purchase a domain from any other domain registrar and update the name-server in your SiteGround account.

How to create a subdomain on SiteGround?

Login to your cPanel and then go to Site Tools > Domain > Subdomains Create New Subdomain.

In this way you can create a subdomain on your primary domain.

How to point GoDaddy to SiteGround?

It is very easy to do. Login to your Godaddy account > My Account > Your Domain Name > DNS > Nameserver.

Change your Nameserver to SiteGround and within 6 hours your site is ready to use.

What are the alternates of SiteGround Hosting?

Due to its price increases, SiteGround is not a cheap hosting now so if you’re looking for SiteGround alternatives then we have found a couple of web hosting which are similar to SiteGround Pricing Plans and that is – BlueHost and A2 HostingYou can start with these two hostings, costing you at least $2.95/month.

Is there SiteGround Coupon Code available?

Yes there is. By using our referral link you’ll get 75% OFF on all Shared Hosting Plans.

Final Thoughts: Do We Recommend SiteGround Hosting?

Yes, We personally suggest SiteGround.

If cost is omitted, SiteGround has every feature that no other web hosts are providing at this rate and perhaps that’s why WordPress Community has also recommended it on their official site.

We accept that it is not the cheapest hosting, especially for beginners but you will never get the best and the cheapest at the same time so if you really want web hosting that is –

  • Ultra-Fast
  • Secure
  • Reliable

…you should definitely try out SiteGround.

You will undoubtedly find all these features in SiteGround Web Hosting like free SSL, CDN and so on.

Their speed is pretty fast and overall uptime and response are too good. The only thing is their high renewal pricing but if you take advantage of the longer-term cost, you can save maximum by selecting a 3-year billing cycle.

This way, you can save more and start your blog at $6.99/month.

With their 30 days refund policy, if you’re unhappy with SiteGround you can get a full refund so why not try it out at least and see how it goes.

You never know, May this hosting be successful in growing your blog or business.

Choosing a reliable hosting for your online business is important. Many other top experts in the industry, like Syed Balkhi from WPBeginner (the world’s number 1 WordPress resources site, are also hosted on SiteGround) and Founder of Yoast SEO also recommends SiteGround.

Note: We’re not pitching you the product, we’re just showing you how much potential is their in SiteGround and what can it help.

If you have reached the bottom of this article, Hopefully, we have been able to shed some light on SiteGround Hosting Review.


Go ahead, give them a spin! You won’t regret it!