Right now, almost all of the websites are hosted with WordPress and this thing shows the significant importance. Yes, WordPress is one of the widely used platforms which practically every user loves using. Therefore, I have got you Bluehost for WordPress review to take these things a step ahead.

Indeed, when it comes WordPress, people love its simplicity and the ease of use. As soon as you will see the dashboard, you will find everything right in front of you.

Additionally, in this bluehost review, I will explain WordPress features and we will see whether it’s worth it or not.

Therefore, without wasting even a single second, let’s jump into the topic and unwrap Bluehost for WordPress, right in this article.

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Bluehost for WordPress: Features Overview

Well, when it comes to the Bluehost WordPress platform, you can look at tons of features.

To simplify things, we will look at the WordPress Plus plan from Bluehost.

Hence, the Bluehost WordPress plus plan offers:

Unlimited Websites

With the Bluehost WordPress plus plan, you host unlimited websites as and when you like. In this case, whether you want to host one website or plenty of those, the company offers you the privilege to do so.

Unlimited Storage

Well, the company also offers unlimited storage that you can use to your advantage. This can come handy when you want to store plenty of files, images, and videos.

Unmetered Bandwidth

This thing is the most helpful when it comes to transferring data. With unmetered bandwidth, you can be tension free that the bandwidth will not get full.

Free Domain Name

Not many hosting companies offer free domain names; in this case, you get a free one. This can undoubtedly save you some good money on buying a new domain.

However, if you are looking for more domains, you will have to pay yearly fees.

Cloudflare included

Going ahead in this Bluehost for WordPress review, the company also includes Cloudflare right in the box.

With this, you will get CDN support that can make your website load much faster than average.

Going ahead, given below are some other features you must know before choosing Bluehost for WordPress.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unpack every single other feature, one by one.

Speed and Performance If one company is known for its speed, it has to be Bluehost. Yes, the company has always offered good speed to each website.

From my end, I tested the speed of Bluehost and got proven results. Every time, I tested, the page loaded in less than 1.5 seconds.

This is a tremendous achievement by any hosting company to deliver such good speed.

Further, Bluehost for WordPress has been the winner even in the uptime section. In this case, I got constant uptime where the website was up and running every time.

Therefore, even if you are running a news website that has got plenty of traffic, you can trust Bluehost uptime.

All in all, the company comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee which is another better thing.

  • Customer Support

Coming down towards the second scenario, Bluehost for WordPress offers amazing customer support.

Customers want effective customer support to help them resolve their queries.

Bluehost does precisely the same thing as their level of customer support is beyond expectations.

Firstly, the company offers three types of customer support where you can opt for the phone call, email, or even chat support.

In this scenario, you can choose any customer support of Bluehost and get excellent results.

Also, the company’s tech support team is professional and each of them can resolve issues, at a quicker note.

From my end, I tested the phone call support of Bluehost and got amazing results. In this scenario, the support staff was polite and I got answers in a precise format.

More with Customer Support

Apart from Bluehost’s phone call, email, and chat support, I even got complete documentation support from the company. Along with that, you will get hundreds of video tutorials to make hosting, a lot easier.

In this case, you can read documents, watch videos, and resolve issues to perfection even if you are stuck in any issue.

For beginners, video tutorials are one of the best ways to kickstart their blogging journey.

Also, by watching videos, you can save time by resolving issues independently without reaching out to customer support.

This will give you an added advantage over the competition which can take you way farther.

Bluehost Live Chat Support

Going ahead in this Bluehost for WordPress review, the live chat support from Bluehost was good too.

Starting with the basics, the initial response was auto-generated and you will have to wait around 10 to 50 minutes before you can catch up with support staff.

I contacted the support agent and he was polite and knowledgeable. He listened to each of my queries and gave me a solution.

However, there can be times when you can connect with the support staff in just 3 to 4 minutes. It all depends on their staff availability where if you are lucky enough, you can connect with the support staff, as early as possible.

Comparing Bluehost customer support with other companies, the company offers the best of all support.

Yes, the support staff are spontaneous and you will not face any issues while contacting them.

  • Pricing

If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting, Bluehost is one good company. Even in the pricing section, the pricing of Bluehost for WordPress has been quite affordable.

Here, we will discuss the pricing of Shared WordPress hosting which comes with three WordPress plans.

In this scenario, you can choose from three plans and see which one suits you the best.

Talking about the plans, each of the plans are given as follows:

Basic Plan

Beginning with the very first plan, the basic plan of Bluehost WordPress hosting comes at the price of $3.95 per month.

With this plan, you can host one website and get a free SSL certificate and value-added features.

With such features, you can access 50 GB SSD storage and a free domain for one year.

Therefore, if you are just starting out to host a website, the basic plan is one of the best fit for you.

Plus plan

Going ahead in the next plan of Bluehost for WordPress, you can get this plan for $5.95 each month. In this plan, you can host unlimited websites. Yes, you don’t have to use other hosting for hosting your websites with such a good option.

Additionally, you will also get a free SSL certificate with this plan. This will ensure that the security is kept at par in this case. You will also get unmetered SSD storage, free domain for 1 year, and unlimited parked domains.

Lastly, this plan also gives 1 Microsoft mailbox for 30 days. You can use it during the 30 days, and when you like, you can then purchase the paid plan after 30 days.

Choice Plus Plan

Speaking about the Choice plus plan, this plan gives the option to host unlimited websites. With this, you will not fall short of hosting websites and bringing traffic to each of those.

Additionally, the plan offers unmetered bandwidth that can ensure you don’t run short of bandwidths.

Further, this plan delivers unmetered SSD storage. With this, you will get faster website loading speeds in every single scenario.

Even if your website is dealing with lots of visitors, then also, the loading speed will be fast.

Plus, you will get a free domain for a massive one year. With this, there is no need to spend extra for the domains.

In terms of pricing, the Choice Plus plan comes at the price of $6.95 per month. This is affordable pricing where you can use this plan and avail yourself of some of the best features.

  • Security Support

In a space of cybercrimes worldwide, the need for far better security for websites has become real.

Almost every other hosting service provider is trying their best to deliver effective security and Bluehost isn’t left behind in this case.

Being one of the top class names in the hosting industry, Bluehost security has been on the top class end.

First of all, the company offers free SSL certificates for each of their plans. This is good as the SSL will protect the site from malware or viruses.

Additionally, Bluehost offers secure servers that run on the latest PHP version. With this, there will be no security breach and each data of the consumers will be kept pretty secured.

Further, the security options include blocking other IP addresses, which can prove fatal. With IP Address blocking, you can stop unwanted harm to your website.

Also, Bluehost for WordPress even offers Hotlink protection which can stop people from stealing your images.

Bluehost also delivers other tools such as Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and SpamAssassin.

For preventing your account from being hacked, the company even offers the amazing two-factor authentication. With such activation, you can be stress-free and your account will be kept secured in every possible scenario.

Overall, speaking about the security of Bluehost, they have done an exceptional job in this scenario.

Their level of security is unmatched and the company strives hard daily to enhance their security, in every case.

  • Auto Installation

The Auto installation feature is one of the most essential ones in any hosting company. With Auto Installation, those workers that can take hours are completed within minutes. This reduces the overall overhead to install WordPress along with different plugins.

Aside from WordPress, the company also offers auto installation of Magento, Joomla, and even more platforms.

Also, while other hosting service providers deliver one-click installation, Bluehost takes this thing a step ahead.

The company gives you WordPress pre-installed right on your domain. Yes, in this scenario, you don’t need to install WordPress. With this, you can spend your time to set up your website and make it look better.

Going ahead in this Bluehost for WordPress, as soon as you enter WordPress, you can easily look for the plugins that can improve your website.

Additionally, in terms of themes, you can start off with free themes. After which, the moment you go ahead in blogging, you can pay money for the premium themes.

Summing up the Auto Installation feature, this feature has done wonders for people new to the internet world.

Plus, with the help of Bluehost, you can find tons of tutorials and videos that can help you in launching your website.

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  • Faster Setup Process

Well coming down to Bluehost for the WordPress setup process, they offer the revolutionary cPanel. Yes, with the help of cPanel, you can easily perform the setup process of your website most quickly.

The company’s cPanel is not a straightforward one. They have wrapped the cPanel in a custom user interface, making it more friendly than other hosts.

I have tested the company’s cPanel and found it to be pretty much amazing. Yes, every single feature is listed right on the first page. This includes all the functions that you need for running your website.

You can manage everything directly from the Bluehost user interface without an issue.

Every single function is listed clearly and you can easily go ahead and access each of those, with no sorts of issues.

In the end, even if you don’t like the custom made cPanel of Bluehost, the company gives you one more option.

In this scenario, you can access the traditional cPanel and access it’s features and functions for simplicity.

More on Bluehost

By now, you must have explored almost every single feature of Bluehost. Therefore, right now, I will try to explain you some more things about Bluehost.

  • Bluehost Plugin offers access to Staging

In simpler terms, the staging plugin helps to create a replica of your website. With this, you can try almost all of the things in the staging area before you can implement the same right on your website.

Further, even if you want to include the best tested features, you can use the same in the staging area.

After which, once you have confirmed those things, then you can launch it right in the staging area.

Going ahead in Bluehost for WordPress, the company gives early access to the staging area. This you can access right from the WordPress Dashboard.

Hence, everything you will implement will be backed by an extensive staging series with the staging area.

This will increase the success rate and allow you to include previously tested features.

  • Easy Cache Management

Speaking about more features offered by Bluehost, Easy Cache management is a good one. This you can manage right from your dashboard where you can access every feature of Easy Cache.

If you are unfamiliar with caching, it helps speed up the website and helps read the loading time. With the advanced caching mechanism, you can easily load websites in faster ways.

Further, this can help you positively impact website speed where you can even retain customers with this.

Normally, you will need a plugin to implement caching but with Bluehost, there is no need to look anywhere else.

In this scenario, you can easily use the Easy Cache plugin and speed up your website, to some good extent.

  • Bluehost doesn’t offer free migrations

Apart from all the pros of Bluehost, the company does not offer free website migrations. Indeed, we all know that migration is the feature most people want for free but you won’t get the same with Bluehost.

However, the company offers this feature at a little extra cost. Therefore, even if you find the need to migrate your website to Bluehost, you can make use of the paid feature.

On the other hand, the migrating team of Bluehost is super quick. All you need here is to give them the basic details about the website. After that, they will do the work for you within a few days.

Further, in this case, you will be notified via email once the entire migration process is done.

In this scenario, you only need to wait until the entire migration is done.

Even though the company takes money for migration, they do the work with perfection.

Hence, in case of website migration, you can easily rely on the company that can help complete the entire migration process, the best ever day.

Bluehost for WordPress: Advantages

Over the past 20 years, Bluehost as a web hosting company has done wonders. Yes, they have hosted websites in the best possible way and people have got tremendous benefits with their hosting.

Day by day, the company is working hard to improve their services. Plus, they are adding newer enhancement that is helping them compete in the rising hosting market.

Well, the company has come a long way but there’s still room for improvement.

Going ahead, Bluehost has tons of advantages and features you will love to the core.

Hence, I have tried my best to keep things short, crisp where I have got you the best advantages offered by Bluehost.

Advantages of Bluehost

Discounted Prices

Talking about the first advantage of Bluehost, they offer discounts and coupons. Yes, in this scenario, the company delivers good discounts for each of your purchases.

However, from the next time, you will have to pay the renewal fees prescribed by Bluehost.

FREE Domain

Another benefit of taking Bluehost hosting is that you will get a free domain. Yes, the domain is also included in the shared hosting plan for free.

With this, you don’t need to spend even a single penny on buying the domain name. From the next year, you can renew the domain at the exact price Bluehost offers.

Free Website Builder

If you are a newbie to the internet industry, you will get a website builder right with Bluehost. Yes, in this scenario, you can use the company’s website builder and build a website from scratch.

Even if you don’t know anything about coding, still you can use the website builder, perform drag-drop, and build a website from scratch.

1-Click WordPress installation

People don’t have time to spend hours on a WordPress installation. Gone are the days when people had to wait for hours to install WordPress.

In this scenario, Bluehost as a hosting company offers 1-click installation. With the 1-click installation, you can install WordPress in minutes.

Yes, this will ease off much time and let you focus on other essential activities.

24×7 Customer Support

In the Bluehost for WordPress, customer support has always been on the better end. Here, you can access their customer support for 24×7 and resolve your issues the simplest way.

From my end, I tested the customer support of Bluehost and was amazed by the same. Yes, the company’s support was pretty good and I got a response on the quickest note.

30 Days money back guarantee

If you are someone who is willing to test Bluehost services, the company offers a massive 30 days money back guarantee.

With this, you can test Bluehost services and see whether they fit your requirements. You can ask for a refund if the same doesn’t fit your requirements.

Yes, if you ask for a refund in a period of 30 days, there will be no questions asked. You can take your refund and test other hosting services.

SSL Certificate inclusion

Another better benefit of Bluehost hosting is that you will get an SSL Certificate along with each plan.

Here, SSL Certificates can help protect your website and you will receive padlock along with the same.

Eventually, SSL will protect your website against attacks, malware, and the viruses.

Anti-Spam solutions

Bluehost offers different sorts of anti-spam solutions that can help site protect from spam attacks. With this, your website will be kept safe from any sort of spams and things that can hurt your website SEO.

Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost for WordPress

Wrapping up the article, the entire Bluehost for WordPress review is in front of you. Yes, Bluehost has done wonders by offering the best of all hosting services, from shared to WordPress.

Additionally, with WordPress hosting, the company offers many features you can use to your advantage.

Plus, with the amazing 30-days money back guarantee, you don’t need to do much. In this scenario, you can effectively test their services and after testing, you can pay for the plans.

Altogether, if you are a beginner, the Bluehost for WordPress hosting is perfect. In this scenario, all you can do is to test Bluehost WordPress hosting effectively.

After testing, you can easily go ahead, select your wishful hosting plan, and launch the website easier.